Hello, Harmonious conflict 

Would you like to create harmony in a conflict?

Diana Mosonyi 

Ombuds & Conflict Coach & Mediator

I work with individuals to feel harmonious with disagreement and conflict situation, to resolve their conflict in a constructive way.

I assist organizations in creating a trusted and speak up organizational culture.


I facilitate and mediate groups to collaborate effectively.

What I Specialize In


ombuds service


conflict coaching

creating harmony

trusted organizational culture

Team Meeting

creating practical harmony between

problems & opportunities

leaders & employees

speech & act

theory & practice

As a real-minded leader, I specifically assessed a summary report that includes (also) quantified values, which greatly simplifies understanding and addressing the issues identified. Because of her excellent professional knowledge and dedication, I wholeheartedly recommend Diana.


 The workshop was about how we will work in the future, but we also solved some current, important tasks together, which was also a great help. Thank You."


 "Thanks to Diana's personality and professionalism, the colleagues were open and sincerely involved in the development process, thus seeing their bias and obstacle."


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