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I help create harmony in conflict on an organizational, group and individual level.

I offer 


Interactive training on ombuds tools, conflict resolution developing a harmonious organizational culture.

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Work with the organization to identify deep-rooted barriers to the harmonious organization culture. 

I do not impose solutions from the outside but work with the organization to collaboratively develop solutions that fit the particular workplace culture and goals. 


Provide external ombuds services for clients requiring neutral, confidential dispute resolution and informal problem-solving services. Or develop a complete ombuds program with support from the design stage to the implementation stage. 



Assist in managing conflict between two parties at work. The focus of the process will be on exploring opportunities that will help improve connectivity and communication.

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Important activities

Ombuds Foundation Training

The first Ombuds Foundation training will start at the end of February in Hungary.
The aim of the interactive course is to get acquainted with the informal systematic conflict management methodology.  It is beneficial for those interested in preventing, managing, and resolving conflict in their organization, whether mediators, coaches, HR people, or managers.

International Ombuds day

 13th of October 2020. an online International Ombuds Day was organized by Diana Mosonyi and Juan Lattenzio online.

 Ombuds day always a unique opportunity to celebrate the ombuds professional.

At the conference, we listened to renowned speakers such as Charles L. Howard, executive director of the International Association of Ombudsmen, Lynne Chaillat the McKinsey ombuds.

About me

I'm a Construtcvie Conflict Resolution Specialist. 


​I help create harmony in conflict on an organizational, group and individual level.

I am mainly interested in creating an informal channel, safe, and trusted work environment without retaliation. Everyone can speak up and feel valued. 


I love working with people who want to find harmony, understand another side, create a new perspective, and constructively resolve their conflict.

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