Meet Diana

Ombuds & Conflict Coach & Mediator

What do I do?

I assist organisations in creating a trusted and (practical) harmonious organisational culture.

I work with individuals to feel harmonious with disagreement and conflict situation, to resolve their conflict in a constructive way.

I facilitate and mediate groups to collaborate effectively.

My mission

creating practical harmony between problems & opportunities, leaders & employees, speech & act and theory & practice.

providing creative options to solve any situation in a constructive way.

My favourite topics are:

constructive and informal conflict resolution

conflict coaching


organisational ombuds

trusted organisational culture

group dynamic

transformative leadership

Hello, Harmonious conflict

My story

I am originally from Hungary. I am the first generation in my family who has University Degree. I base in the Netherlands and work internationally all around the world. 

Degree & Certifications

2005-2010: BA Sociology degree at Pázmány Péter Catholic University

2014-2016: MSC Management and Leadership  Degree at Budapesti Metropolitan University

2014-2016: Hungarian Organization Mediator Program at Budapesti a Metropolitan University

2017: Mediator Program- University Of New Mexico, United States

2018: Ombuds Foundation Training- International Ombuds Association New Orleans, United States

2021: Conflict Coaching Training at CAOS Conflict Management 

My experiences

I believe that travelling broadens our horizons.  

2020-Present I have been collaborating with an American located company Business Solution Excellent 

2019- Present I have been collaborating with the oldest Hungarian Organization Development company

2019-Present  Found and be the President of the first Hungarian Organizational Ombuds Association.

2019-2020. I was an instructor of organisation mediation module in the Middle-European Mediation Institution

2019. I gained one of my ombuds experiences at the University of California at San Diego Ombuds Office 

2018- Present Member of the International Ombuds Association 

2018. I visited 13 university ombuds offices around the United States. Read the summary

2017-2018. I was a co-mediator in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in New Mexico- United States

2017. I studied mediation at the University of New Mexico in the United States 

2009- 2016.  I worked as an employee in a Corporate Sector in Hungary

2007-2008.  I lived in the United Kingdom

Ready for a harmonious conflict?

I do 

  • Create a safe place for you to speak up and express your thoughts

  • Assist in finding the root of the problem

  • Create harmonious conflict

  • Show new perspectives

  • Courage your improvement 

  • Be creative

I don't

  • Don't judge you 

  • Don't decide for you

  • Don't provide legal advice 

  • Don't provide psychological counselling 

When we work together

Why work with me?

to find harmony in conflict and chaos
to discover different perspectives

to explore new options

to find the root of the problem

to feel to be heard without any judgement

to reflect on your issues

to become a better version of you

to regain control of your life

Important values you will find in our work

Trust, Safe place, Harmony, Creativity, New perspective
Courage, Responsibility, 
Ownership, Boundaries, 

Speak up, Why’s, Non-judgment 

Are you ready to start working with me?


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