About Me 

I'm passionate about:

  • creating practical harmony between problems & opportunities, leaders & employees, speech & act and theory & practice.

  • providing creative options to solve any situation in a constructive way.


My two core values are harmony and creativity, which means I create creative options, opportunities,  3rd alternative in any situations and provide harmony where everyone can speak up without any judgement and accept each of our differences. 


I use coaching, mediation, ombuds tools and technic. 

My story

Based on my qualifications, I am a sociologist and economist.
I graduated with a bachelor degree in sociology and a master's degree in management and leadership specialized as an organizational mediator.


  • Hungarian Organization Mediator

  • University Of New Mexico - Mediator Program

  • International Ombuds Association- Ombuds Foundation

  • Conflict Coach 

International experiences:

My belief is that travel broadens our horizons.  

  • I lived in the United Kindom (2007-2008)

  • I lived in the United States (2017- 2019)

  • I was a co-mediator in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court (2017-2018).

  • I gained one of my ombuds experiences at the University of California at San Diego Ombuds Office  (2019) 

  • I have been working with a Business Solution Excellent for a year, which is an American consultant company.

  • I found and be the President of the first Hungarian Organizational Ombuds Association.

  • I have been working with the oldest Hungarian Organization Develop company for two and a half year.

  • I have been living in the Netherlands since September of 2020 ​

My clients are European and American.  

My favorite topics are; trusted organizational culture, group dynamic, transformative leadership, constructive and informal conflict resolution, conflict coaching, mediation, ombudsing 

When we work together 

I do 

  • Show difference perspectives 

  • Explore options with you

  • Create a safe place to speak up

  • Assist to find the root of the problem

  • Create harmony in the chaos

I don't

  • Don't judge you 

  • Don't decide for you

  • Don't provide legal advice 

  • Don't provide psychological counselling 

Would you like to know more, work with me, or ask me a question?

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