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On 13th of October  2020 an online International Ombuds Day was organized by Diana Mosonyi and Juan Lattenzio online.

The Ombuds Day is a worldwide celebration, which serves as a unique opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the ombuds profession.

At the conference, we were able to listen to renowned speakers such as Charles L. Howard, executive director of the International Association of Ombudsmen, or just Lynne Chaillat, the McKinsey ombuds.

The whole program of the event:
1. Panel discussion The Past: History of the Ombuds role
The core of the Ombuds role – Chuck L. Howard
Build an office from scratch: United Nations case- Nora Galer

2.Panel discussion The Present: External vs internal Ombuds service
Different types of service: within the internal company and as an external service. Lynne Chaillat & Camilo A.Azcarate

3. The panel discussion The Future: Online Dispute Resolution
Online Dispute Resolution around the world-Alberto Elisavetsky
Online Conflict Management – Bruce MacAllister

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