Organisational Ombuds Program

Ombuds program for clients requiring neutral, confidential dispute resolution and informal problem-solving services creates a harmonious and trusted organisational culture. 

As an ombudsperson, I empower individuals and organisations to overcome concerns, disputes, conflicts and barriers that stand in the way of reaching their full potential.

Ombuds role designated neutral is appointed or employed by an organisation to facilitate the informal resolution of concerns of employees, managers, and, sometimes, external clients.

Why ombuds service?

For the organisation, ombuds service is to foster and support a secure climate and harmonious organisational culture.


For the employee, the service offers independent support to speak up in a safe environment and raise critical concerns with no fear of retaliation, sometimes providing the right contact to help in difficult situations or work directly with the person on a conflict resolution. Employees can feel heard without judgment. 

For the board/management, the service is an Early warning system for, and analyses root causes of employee complaints – are there patterns or trends. Ideally, we can monitor and resolve problems before becoming costly and handle complaints directly addressed to the Board.


What if you have an ombuds program?


  1. Your organization culture rapidly change for a trusted and harmonious environment 

  2. You are able to build a better system maximizing your organization’s potential and increasing its productivity by improving relationships, communication, procedures, and systems. 

  3. The information exchange will speed up

  4. You get objective feedback from all levels of your organization

  5. Your organizations anticipate and avoid risk, litigation and costly damage to brands and reputations.

  6. Conduct training, education, coaching, and facilitation.

  7. Supplement traditional HR, legal and compliance channels and departments.

  8. Build employee loyalty and a culture of engagement that can save costs and improve workplaces.

  9. Identify systemic trends and risks that help leaders make informed business, policy and management decisions.

  10. Build and strengthen productive


“We asked Diana to explore and resolve long-standing and deepening problems within the organisational unit. With complete confidentiality, the result of the professional issues and the dissolved environment, colleague opened up in a short time, so they were able to communicate with each other entirely honestly and effectively, quickly reaching the root of the problems. I enjoyed my conversation. I was finally able to say things that I have been silenced for a long time. It was a liberating feeling.


Details of ombuds program

The program includes three types of services:

1. Individual Consulting: 

Each employee and manager can reach out to the Ombudsperson to speak about personal and professional difficulties;

As an ombuds-person, I listen, guide and coach the individual according to her/his needs and helps to develop options for a resolution of a problem or conflict.    

2. Conflict Clarification Services:

  • Conflict coach session: Employees can easily book a 60 min conflict coach session with me to get support virtually. 

  • Mediation: In a more escalated situation, I offer a structured mediation process.  This can be relevant for conflicts between employees or manager/employee and also for teams.


3. Constructive Conflict Resolution Training/workshop

Dealing with conflicts is something that can be learned. I offer training and workshop format for teams to sharpen your competence when dealing with conflict.


Ombuds Service

The monthly fee depends on the size of the organization.

Price excluded VAT

from 3500 euro

Girl in Therapy

Conflict Coaching 


Price excluded VAT

150 euro/hour

Online Tutorial

Conflict resolution training

Price excluded VAT

from 2000 euro

Value of the Organizational Ombuds Servi

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